BELLINO has been providing exqui- site luxury linens for the bed, bath and table for 25 years and is one of the most distinguished brands in the industry. Our extensive product range suits the needs of the most sophis- ticated buyer: from 300 to 600 thread count sateen and percale to elegant jacquards, yarn dyes, matelasse', irish linen, prints and basics in a delightful palette of colours. Our dis- tribution is very diversified: we manu- facture products for high profile retailers, private label for exclusive brands, have a strong online presen- ce and are extremely active in the hospitality industry.


  1. - We use only 100% long staple cotton
  2. - We are a vertical Italian manufacturer who weaves, finishes and sews under one roof: no middle men or outside sourcing so we can provide the most competitive made in Italy product, a strict quality control, flexibility and several options of stitchings, embroideries, personalizations.
  3. - Our fabrics are ECOTEX certified: therefore safe and anti allergic: no detrimental materials are used in the production process.
  4. - Our group owns the top european dying factory ( which finishes our fabrics and the ones of the top worldwide brands: their centennial expertise and special techniques and materials create very soft and luxurious fabrics.
  5. Our dynamic team and flexible organization allow us to compete on all price points.

We have offices and warehouses in Italy and the U.S. and showrooms in New York city and Atlanta.

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